BF3:  French Coin Scale

French coin scale with box, 18th century. Box is 17.8 cm long x 5.6 cm wide x 1.5 cm high, and the steel scale is 12.7 cm long with 4.4 cm diameter brass pans. The set of nested weights = 1 oz total weight, and is comprised of 4 gros, 2 gros, 1gros, 1/2 gros, and 1/2 gros weights, corresponding to 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/9 oz, 1/16 oz, and 1/16 oz, respectively. The label reads "TABLE des Monnaies d'or et d'argent qui ont cours dans les differens Etats de L'Europe, avec la designation de leurs poids". Identified by Lavagne. This scale is illustrated in Kisch, Scales & Weights, Fig. 85, p. 127.