Mid-Atlantic Scale Summit
October 2021


Sixteen folks from New York, Maryland, Virginia, Texas and Pennsylvania, eager for in-person fellowship, gathered October 2 in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, on a beautiful autumn afternoon. It had been three years since the last Mid-Atlantic regional meeting and we all appreciated our host Mary resuming these traditional gatherings that we had come to enjoy so much over the years. We missed Jerry, but seeing his scales made it seem like he was with us.

After munching on appetizers, we tackled a delicious potluck lunch which was topped off with a variety of desserts. Don’t know why, but scale viewing seems to work up quite an appetite. Much of the conversation, of course, centered around scales and related items, although there was a considerable amount of catching up to do on family matters since two conventions have been postponed for health safety reasons. 

The area that sparked considerable conversation was the dining room table with its display of scales brought for show and tell. As usual there was a wide variety. If there is any doubt, check out the list.

  • A beautiful dark-green Buffalo Scale Company paper scale with gold pinstriping on the beam and post. Did you know these scales have serial numbers on the bottom? Thanks, Steve B. for sharing that detail. Steve also brought a portable cased Walker balance by Griffin & Tatlock Ltd to measure the specific gravity of rocks.
  • The other Steve B. brought an unusual, small postal bismar scale made by J W Strange as well as a brass hanging letter scale by Perry & Co. London. Additionally, he brought an English double-beam postal scale made for use in India that weighs both in ounces and in tolahs.
  • A later-design Kronenberg with slots for checking the thickness of the coins was courtesy of Eric and Judy who also brought three small print blocks with images of scales. The other scale they showed was a 5" plastic spring balance held by a stamp case on the end used for advertising by The Vernon Company their slogan being 'Your Orders Carry "Weight" With Us.'
  • Kurt’s contribution was a grain scale accompanied by weights in an unusual tube-shaped wooden case. The case had an easily readable brass label as long as you are fluent in Hungarian.

The hardcore gathered in Jerry's scale room which has always been the center of attention at these meetings. By the end of the afternoon many of those scales had found new loving homes! It was very gratifying to Mary to know the scales that Jerry cherished so much were being passed on to other ISASC Scalies.

Towards the end of the day, we laughed at ourselves as we realized the men had gathered together on the back porch while the women were grouped around the kitchen table. Someone commented that it was just like middle school. All in all it was a wonderful day and we are so hoping to see each other at the annual convention this coming May.