Midwest Weigh-In, August 2021


Although we were a small group, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. With scales being in almost every room of our house, it was like a scavenger hunt trying to find them all. Fred even found the one scale in the house that is not part of my collection. It is one of the scales in the kitchen that is in fact the only scale in Aviva’s collection.

We then had lunch. Hamburgers, potato salad, etc., all expertly prepared by Executive Chef Aviva. The burgers were perfectly cooked by Grill Master Allan.

Our Show & Tell brought out some unusual items. Jan brought a baby scale that none of us had seen before. It is a very small spring scale with a net hanging from it. I’m not sure I would have put any of my kids in that scale. The net didn’t look big enough to hold a 7 or 8 pound baby.

I showed the copy of the July 1941 Field & Stream magazine I found while surfing eBay. On the cover is a picture of 2 men weighing a large fish with a spring scale. This led to pointing out a print we recently purchased of a rustic kitchen with, of course, a scale in it. The frame is made of old barn wood. The print is now hanging in our den. In addition, I couldn’t pass up showing my most recent scale purchase. It’s a small Pelouze computing scale. I think it’s from the 1930s, but I need to do a little research. It says, “Pat. Pend.," so I will try to find the patent.

Fred brought a sign that looked like it was from the column of a person weighing scale. However, he was not sure if it was an original sign. He had talked to Bill before the Weigh-In, so Bill brought several examples of authentic scale signs. Unfortunately, it turned out that Fred’s was indeed a reproduction.

We enjoyed several hours of fun conversation covering topics from the pandemic to nursery rhymes our parents taught us. Fred, I want the words to some of the songs your father taught you.

Submitted by Allan Rodin