Midwest Weigh-In, September 2018


Midwest Weigh-InSeptember 8th proved to be a beautiful late summer day as Scalies from Illinois, Minnesota and Iowa converged at the ISASC Midwest Weigh-in in Marion, Iowa. Jane and Harry H. graciously invited us into their home for fellowship, great food, and of course, lots of important scale talk.

Although Marion may not be a metropolis by some standards, it contained enough construction and detours to confuse even the most seasoned big city drivers. Eventually we all found our way to the correct driveway, perhaps guided by the smells of delicious cooking from their kitchen. Jane, Harry and their guard-pup welcomed us to garage #1. In attendance were Cindy and Bret P., Jan and Bill B., Bob J., Pam K. and Fred R.

The festivities began with overlapping conversations catching us up with each other since the Minneapolis Convention in May. After a quick look at scales set up for sale we were introduced to a bit of Harry and Jane's collection in garage #1, and then led into garage #2. In addition to one of their classic cars, we were shown a number of bigger scales, some fairly uncommon. Then Harry encouraged us to stand on his nice cobalt blue Watling providing the coins that would elicit the answers to some of our pressing questions. We can report that Fred's question was "Will I be married in a year?" Answer "Yes, but what year?" Pam asked, "Who will marry me?" The scale wisely told her "A Minister or Justice of the Peace." Mysteries solved!

Midwest Weigh-In Midwest Weigh-In

Before long, Jane gathered us inside for a tasty lunch of pulled pork sandwiches, fancy potatoes, baked beans and a couple of incredible homemade desserts. More animated conversation until we were all pleasantly full.

Midwest Weigh-InThe home tour was fun. Scales of all sorts, many artfully restored are displayed nicely upstairs and down. Jane explained her classy collection of miniature houses containing well made and interesting miniature replicas of furniture and all sorts of household items including some antiques. There was even a tiny scale!

On to garage #3 where we were treated to a workshop to envy and more old autos including a bright yellow '28 Buick Speedster and hot black Mustang. A stop in the yard to admire some well-done gardening and landscaping was followed by a round of lively scale selling and buying.

Cindy, Bret, Jan and Bill had to say goodbye and head home, but the day wasn't over. Pam, Bob and Fred followed Jane and Harry to their family farm outside of town to see additional treasures. Many more fun scales were there including three old scales which at first glance appeared to include an ornate cast iron antique bed headboard.

Midwest Weigh-InPictured with Jane and Harry (right), this well-restored example reads "TO WEIGH 3 CWT W & T AVERY. LTD MAKERS LONDON & BIRMINGHAM." Avery catalogs of the late 1800s describe these for use in the 'heavy' trades such as warehousing, milling, steel stockholding and the like. As a bonus, we were surrounded by an impressive collection of classic old Hudsons, a '22 Model T Speedster and more. (Click all photos for larger images.)

We were sad to end the day, say goodbye and get in the car, but were invited back any time. A very nice time was had by all and everyone contributed to a most successful gathering. Our hostess Jane sums it up best…"We had a ball!"

Midwest Weigh-In