West Coast Regional, April 2022

Saturday, April 23, 2022, at the home of Jan and Eva M.

All members in the western part of the US were invited to get together to talk about scales, trade a few items, if they wished, and have an up-close look at the collection of Jan and Eva, which is now up for sale.

We had a good turnout of 15 people. Jan and Eva provided a sit-down dinner on the patio, prepared and served in several courses by their son, who is a chef, and his mentor, serving specialty Italian dishes, all homemade. The meal was so good, and so well presented, that we did not even start talking scales for well over an hour. What a special treat!

Eventually, scale talk took over the conversations, at least for half of the group. Jan began a tour of the central part of his house, which makes a beautiful display area with scales and art and antique/contemporary furniture all mixed. Their home, which we visited as part of the 2013 Riverside Convention sits in the wooded foothills of the Angeles National Forest, providing a very relaxing atmosphere on the patio for visiting with friends.

Jan has been a member of ISASC for close to 40 years, and his scale collection reflects his longtime attention to the hobby, in that he has interesting scales from many parts of the world. Jan admitted that their interests are moving more towards art, which is why they are selling some of the scale collection, making more room for the art.

One highlight of the afternoon was when we provided an audience for Vern R. As we all huddled around him in complete awe, he once again allowed us to peek at his special find: a rare sample of the smallest Angldile scale, in an original carrying case that is serial marked #1. He believes it was used as a salesman sample.

At the end of a very fun afternoon, several of us loaded our cars with treasures and headed home. However, after the fact, I found out that others kept on partying. Ben A. and his family, having come south from Stockton–a 350 miles trek from the San Francisco Bay Area—had plans to visit with family in the Pasadena area, and so Jan and Eva joined them for dinner with their family.

One of the great parts of the regional meetings for us in the west has been the development of lasting relationships with others that share the same interest in scales and collecting in general. We are all looking forward to the next time we can get together, and also to the 2024 ISASC convention which will be held in the Northern California area.

Happily reporting for the Balanced West, where the fault lines may someday tip our scales,

Greg H.