About the Society

The International Society of Antique Scale Collectors (ISASC) is an enthusiastic group of people interested in the historical study and preservation of the principles and devices used in the measurement of any item for which there may be a need to determine its weight.

The Society was established in September 1976 by a small group of dedicated collectors.  In 1979 the first convention was held in San Francisco.  Another milestone was reached in 1986 with the formation of both a North American and a European Chapter. 

Members are located throughout the world and include longtime collectors as well as the novice.  Some members specialize in collecting certain types of scales, weights and measures and some prefer to collect all different variations.  The Society is fully inclusive of all levels of collecting from the very academic to the casual collector.

The Society's purpose is to bring together collectors of scales, weights and measures and to promote the exchange of information, foster friendships and encourage preservation, study and exhibition to overall enhance the pleasures of collecting.  These goals are achieved by many avenues including the Annual Convention, Regional Meetings and the quarterly journal Equilibrium.

ISASC provides the opportunity for scale enthusiasts to share information and become knowledgeable about the scales, weights and measures they collect while preserving a piece of history.  We invite you to learn more about the benefits of membership and to Join Us!

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